Why Lease a New Acura?

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Decisions, decisions! When it comes to deciding between a lease or purchasing a luxury vehicle, the considerations run long. Your luxury Sioux Falls car dealership understands the list of factors you weigh before you decide to finance vs lease your next vehicle. The luxury car experts at Vern Eide Acura is here to help.

Leasing a New Acura vs. Financing a New Acura

We believe it’s important to outline the differences between leasing a new Acura vehicle vs financing a new Acura vehicle. To begin with, money isn’t the only factor you should take into consideration before you pull the trigger on a deal. Your personal taste and lifestyle should also play a big role in whether you decide to buy or lease a vehicle. Questions such as “how long are you planning on driving your next luxury Acura vehicle” to “how often you drive” are just a few starter questions our Acura sales team can help you answer.

When you lease a luxury car or SUV in Sioux Falls, you don’t actually own that vehicle. Purchasing, or sometimes called retail, allows you to own your vehicle once payments are finalized. Most finance or retail transactions last anywhere from 5 to 10 years while most lease options are around three to four years.

Leasing a new Acura in Sioux Falls means driving a new Acura TLX, RDX or MDX more often. Why? A short-term lease makes it easy to drive a new car more frequently. The advantage of financing a new Acura ILX, MDX, or RLX is important to consider if you plan on driving more than 12,000 to 15,000 miles per year.

Other factors definitely come into play as you consider whether to lease vs finance your next luxury vehicle. Our team at your trusted Sioux Falls luxury car dealership, Vern Eide Acura, hopes you find this helpful and looks forward to seeing you soon.

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