Acura Lease Return in Sioux Falls

Lease coming due? Let us help.

Don’t wait until your lease is up, take advantage of the opportunity you have now.



Have questions about what options you have to return your Acura lease? As your trusted Sioux Falls luxury dealership we outlined what you can expect and a few options for your consideration. As you’ve found out, leasing an Acura is an easy and affordable option for Sioux Falls drivers to enjoy the performance, safety and style that Vern Eide Acura offers. Listed below are things to consider, including potential steps that need to be taken for your new vehicle lease return.

For those Fargo, Omaha, or Minneapolis drivers, a friendly reminder that you don’t have to return your leased vehicle to the dealership from which you took out the lease. Say what?! Yes, this means that even if you didn’t lease your vehicle from Vern Eide Acura, you can still swing by our Sioux Falls luxury dealership and our friendly staff can help you.

Expiring Lease: Step 1

Step 1: Make an appointment to return your vehicle to Vern Eide Acura. You can contact your sales and leasing professional to help you out as well. Our phone number is 800-294-2431 if you have any questions.

Expiring Lease: Step 2

Step 2: Deliver your vehicle in clean condition to Sioux Falls’ luxury dealership, Vern Eide Acura.

Expiring Lease: Step 3

Step 3: Please bring the following items with you:

  • All keys to the vehicle
  • Owner’s manual and maintenance records
  • Vehicle return receipt
  • Vehicle inspection report
  • Receipts for completed repairs

But wait, there’s more! As a Sioux Falls area driver, we have more options to consider before you bring in your lease return.

Lease Expiration Options

Lease Expiration: Option 1

Bring your leased Acura vehicle to Vern Eide Acura and begin your next search for the area’s top-quality, new or pre-owned vehicle. We have an ever-changing inventory of our MDX, RDX, ILX, and TLX vehicles that arrive frequently. Our sales and leasing professionals can discuss our lease or financing options that best fit your payment and lifestyle.

Lease Expiration: Option 2

Bring your leased Acura to Vern Eide Acura and browse our Certified pre-owned Acura inventory. The closest vehicle to a new Acura is a Certified Pre-Owned Acura! Contact us today at 800-294-2431 to schedule an appointment to find a low mileage, well-maintained Certified Pre-Owned Acura car, van, truck, or SUV. We are eager to help you find a vehicle to fit your needs, style, and budget.

Lease Expiration: Option 3

Purchase your leased Acura car, truck, or SUV. Drivers around the Sioux Falls area often choose this convenient and easy option because they love their Acura and want to keep driving South Dakota roads. We understand how important it is to find the perfect car that fits your needs so we created flexible finance terms to give you plenty of options.

Frequently Asked Questions About an Expiring Acura Lease

See below for the most common Frequently Asked Questions regarding the end of your Acura lease, regardless of where you purchased your vehicle. Contact our sales and leasing consultants at 800-294-2431 to answer all of your questions.

  • What is my payoff?
  • Can I buy more miles?
  • How long can I extend my lease?
  • Do my tires need to be the same size, brand, etc.?
  • Do I need to perform my last service?
  • Do I need to pay anything when I drop my car off for a lease return?
  • Why do I need to perform an inspection now when my lease is not due until _____ date?
  • What exactly does the inspection entail?
  • Do I need the inspection performed if I plan on buying it out?
  • What is the inspection for, my car is in perfect condition?