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Looking for a Reliable Luxury Vehicle in Sioux Falls?

As you look for a quality luxury vehicle in Sioux Falls, one that is known for performing consistently well is a great way to ensure you’re getting the best for your investment. In other words, reliability has come to top the list! When it comes to leading the Sioux Falls market with luxury automobiles, Vern Eide Acura also places reliability as one of the most important factors as well. We care about providing safe & reliable vehicles that not only looks good and provides luxury, but also gives Sioux Falls drivers the satisfaction of knowing they invested in an extremely reliable luxury vehicle. So what factors are considered when defining if a vehicle is reliable?

Acura Reliability Breakdown

The first factor revolves around repair costs, which are directly related to the cost of owning an Acura or any other luxury vehicle in Sioux Falls. Low out-of-pocket costs to repair your vehicle is a great measurement to know how reliable your vehicle is. In another perspective, the more unreliable a vehicle, the more expensive your repair costs will be.

Next up on the list of “is this vehicle reliable?” is the frequency or number of times you end up bringing your vehicle in for repairs, damages, or unscheduled maintenance. The more often you have unexpected visits, the lower that vehicle ranks for reliability. How intense or how much work is needed is also important in considering a reliable vehicle.

According to a recent RepairPal article, Acura ranks extremely well in all these areas! The Acura Reliability Rating is 4.0 out of 5.0, which ranks it 2nd out of 32 for all car brands. This rating is based on an average across 345 unique models. The average annual repair cost for an Acura is $501, which means it has above average ownership costs. The other factors that contribute to Acura reliability include an average of 0.4 visits to a repair shop per year and an 8% probability of a repair being severe.

Acura Reliability Rating Score Graphic

Acura vs. the Competition

As we know reliability is a very important consideration and on the top of the priority list for most drivers. So, how does a car manufacturer like Acura keep their vehicles safe? For starters, Acura is dedicated to building a performance machine that passes all tests and comes out on top with safety awards. Acura was the first luxury brand awarded top safety ratings across its entire model line, according to NHTSA safety scores*. The first step to reliability is keeping you safe on the road. Rest assured, Acura has this covered and it’s confirmed with this prestigious award. Acura has an unrelenting mission to help keep you safe and inspires technologies as innovative as they are effective. Protection is at the heart of Acura design. After all, an Acura can be replaced. Your family cannot.

Acura Safety Features

How committed is Acura to keeping you and your family safe? It begins before the driver steps foot inside. At the Performance Manufacturing Center (PMC), our engineers design their workstations and program their own assembly bots. This means we build efficiently, precisely, and with a good dose of common sense. A few of the advanced craftsmanship and safety features you can expect when purchasing an Acura:


Vern Eide Acura Equals Reliability Safety Image

ACE™ Body Structure

Our Advanced Compatibility Engineering™ (ACE) body construction is designed to help reduce and disperse force in front crashes with virtually all car sizes. You get rigidity where it’s needed and strategic crumple zones to help protect occupants inside. Standard on every Acura sedan and SUV.

Vern Eide Acura Equals Reliability Vehicle Stability Assist Image

Vehicle Stability Assist

In wet conditions, standard Vehicle Stability Assist can reduce the dangers of over and under steering and loss of traction, reducing torque and applying brakes to each wheel as needed. The adjustment is so quick that you may not even notice it’s happening—helping to keep you safe and focused on the road. Standard on every Acura sedan and SUV.

Vern Eide Acura Equals Reliability AcuraWatch Image

Confidence With AcuraWatch™

Driving assistance and safety features associated with AcuraWatch™85 help drivers better navigate the road, to everyone’s benefit. A generous list of driver assistance systems was thoughtfully engineered to back your instincts, so you can truly experience the drive. Standard on every Acura sedan and SUV.

We Are Your Reliable Luxury Dealer

Luxury has the ability to extend beyond the vehicle itself to the overall dealership experience. Vern Eide Acura believes this involves stunning showrooms, plush waiting areas, and attentive and high-end customer service. A few of our common amenities include free loaner cars when extensive service is being completed, car washes once service is done, and our delicious homemade cookies and gourmet coffee in our lounge.

You can easily contact Vern Eide Acura in Sioux Falls if you’d like to learn more about the advantages of driving a luxury vehicle or to get behind the wheel for a test drive. You can call us at 605-271-9515 or stop by 4030 S. Grange Avenue in Sioux Falls, SD, for more information to learn how we strive to be the best luxury brand around.

* NHTSA overall 5-Star Ratings for all Acura models first achieved in 2009. Government 5-Star Safety Ratings are part of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administrations (NHTSAs) New Car Assessment Program ( Luxury brand designation based on ALGs (Automotive Lease Guide) Brand Pricing Score segmentation.
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