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 A lot can happen in 60 minutes. In our client lounge, time flies right by. In our service bays, specially trained Accelerated Service Technician Teams fit a long list of well choreographed tasks and inspections into a surprisingly short time. So when you get back in your Acura and head out on your way, it's ready to meet the road feeling fresh and new. And so are you.

W​ith every Acura Accelerated Service, your vehicle will receive a multi-point inspection and a complimentary wash and vacuum. All this is performed in 60 minutes or less by Acura-Trained Technician Teams who use Genuine Acura Parts and Fluids.

Acura Accelerated Service is more that just great, quick service. It represents a higher standard of comfort and convenience for Acura Owners. The experience starts when you arrive. You'll be met by a Service Consultant waiting to expedite your check-in. You'll find it faster and more convenient than ever to wait while your service is being completed. Out client lounge offers quiet, comfortable seating, wireless internet access, and complimentary refreshments.


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Replace Engine Oil



Replace Engine Oil and Filter. Inspect various systems and components



Rotate Tires and check tire pressure and condition



Replace air cleaner element, check drive belt and replace dust and pollen filter



Replace transmission fluid and transfer fluid (if equipped)



Replace spark plugs, replace timing belt (if equipped), inspect water pump, and inspect VALVE clearance

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Replace Engine Coolant



Replace rear differential fluid (if equipped)